Top Ten Software Development Companies According to the GoodFirms

With regards to the software development market, Canada has carved a niche for itself in comparison to other countries. Software developers create software programs and applications that enable a variety of tasks on computers and other devices. This field of study can significantly contribute to the survival and success of the company as it improves several facets such as communication, service, accessibility, and more. See the list below outlining the top 10 software development companies in Canada according to the GoodFirms.

1) Big Drop Inc.

About: BigDrop Inc is a design and development firm that specializes in bespoke digital solutions for brands of all sizes. They look to produce design experiences that entertain, inspire, satisfy, and challenge clients. Through this, BigDrop helps enable your market to see the “glow” of your organization and increase the number of regular consumers.

  • Associated Clients & Companies: Samsung, Activision, Citibank, PayPal, Google, Adobe, and more
  • Services: Software development (20%), digital marketing (20%), web design (20%), web development (20%), mobile app development (10%), e-commerce development (10%)
  • Client Types: Medium Businesses ($10M-$1B) – 70%, Small Businesses (<$10M) – 10%

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2) Iflexion

About: Iflexion assists companies in optimizing their business processes through custom software solutions. They help to address the needs of companies in different industries, including healthcare, consumer products, gaming, automotive, transportation, retail, and more. Iflexion can help you successfully achieve your outcomes through profound expertise in full-cycle custom software development, business commitment and trusted communication with clients and partners. Moving forward, Iflexion focuses on bringing bestseller technologies to consumer business environments to make their digitized operations sleek and error-free.

  • Associated Clients & Companies: Google, eBay, Pepsi, Cisco, PayPal, Phillips, and more
  • Services: Software development (25%), web development (20%), mobile app development (20%), e-commerce development (15%), blockchain technology (10%), VR & AR development (10%)
  • Client types: Medium Businesses ($10M-$1B) – 55%, Small Businesses (<$10M) – 30%

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About: ELEKS helps clients transform their businesses digitally by providing expert software engineering and consultancy services. Through their expertise, they look to save business operations costs, adopt digital transformations, and close IT resourcing gaps. ELEKS deliver high tech innovations to Fortune 500 companies, big enterprises and technology challengers in hopes of improving the operations of their business and boost their value to the modern world. They provide their services to a wide range of industries with a heavy focus on retail, transportation and logistics, and financials.

  • Associated Clients & Companies: Aramex, Autodesk, The States of Jersey Government, and more
  • Services: VR & AR development (15%), software development (10%), app designing (10%), mobile app development (10%), web development (10%), blockchain technology (10%), e-commerce development (10%), artificial intelligence (5%), IT services (5%), web designing (5%), devops, testing services, big data & BI, cloud computing services (10%)
  • Client types: Large Businesses (>$1B) – 60%, Medium Businesses ($10M-$1B) – 30%

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4) IndiaNIC

About: IndiaNIC is a mobile app, web and mobile games development company. They look to provide IT solutions to essentially all industries, including transportation and logistics, healthcare, telecommunication, startups, education, and much more.

  • Associated Clients & Companies: Adidas, Cisco, Pepsi, McDonald’s, Vodafone, and more
  • Services: Mobile app development (30%), web development (25%), e-commerce development (15%), app design (10%), IT services (10%), software development (5%), web design (5%)
  • Client types: Small Businesses (<$10M) – 70%, Medium Business ($10M-$1B) – 25%,

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5) Cyber Infrastructure Inc.

About: CIS has established itself as a leading name in providing exceptional technology solutions and services. They assist companies in achieving their business objectives through highly optimized solutions and services across a wide range of industry domains. These industries include information technology, e-commerce, gaming, healthcare, and much more.

  • Associated Clients & Companies: eBay, Sprint, Mannatech, Nokia, and more
  • Services: IT services (17%), blockchain technology (15%), web development (10%), mobile app development (10%), software development (5%), game development, e-commerce development and much more
  • Client types: Small Businesses (<$10M) – 50%, Medium Businesses ($10M-$1B) – 30%

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6) Diceus

About: Diceus delivers solutions to world-class brands and enterprises. They aim to help enterprises adapt to new IT environments and identify cost-saving solutions for clients. Diceus services entail product engineering, software development, mobile development, and more. They provide their services to the financial, healthcare, and information technology industries.

  • Associated Clients & Companies: TeamBase, Palmers, Textil AG, ApexSQL, and more
  • Services: Software development (30%), web development (20%), blockchain technology (15%), big data and BI (15%), e-commerce development (10%), IT services (10%)
  • Client types: Small Businesses (<$10M) – 45%, Medium Businesses ($10M-$1B) – 40%,

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7) Syberry Corporation

About: Syberry prides itself in transparent pricing, superior communication and unparalleled quality. They develop software solutions for any business need with real-time results. Some of the industries Syberry is often interested in healthcare, financial, retail, startups, telecommunication, and more.

  • Associated Clients & Companies: Shell, Walt Disney, PayPal, Bridgewater, and more
  • Services: Software development (30%), e-commerce development (20%), mobile app development (15%), web development (15%), testing services (10%), IT services (5%), mobile app development (5%)
  • Client types: Small Businesses (<$10M) – 45%, Medium Businesses ($10M-$1B) – 55%

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8) Kohactive

About: Kohactive is a custom software design and development firm that delivers innovation solutions to business needs. They work with you as a partner, not necessarily a vendor, in the sense that they align your vision with their interests. Kohactive aims to create and maximize value for businesses of different industries including business services, transportation, healthcare, consumer products, education, and real estate.

  • Associated Clients & Companies: Groupon, Edwards Lifesciences, Northwestern University, and more
  • Services: Software development (30%), web development (30%), mobile app development (15%), web design (15%), app design (10%)
  • Client types: Medium Businesses ($10M-$1B) – 50%, Small Businesses (<$10M) – 25%,

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9) Sunflower Lab

About: Sunflower Lab is an award-winning digital product and innovations agency with offices across North America and India. They aim to assist startups and brands to build innovative technology solutions. Sunflower Lab provides a variety of services to a variety of industries including information technology, consumer products, business services, retail, e-commerce, financial, and more. This company has done a precise job of branching out evenly to several different industries.

  • Associated Clients & Companies: Groove Dance Competition, Metro D.C. Government, WorthPoint, and more
  • Services: Web development (25%), mobile app development (25%), software development (20%), cloud computing services (15%), e-commerce development (10%), testing services (10%)
  • Client types: Small Businesses (<$10M) – 100%

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10) West Coast Infotech

About: West Coast InfoTech is a custom software development and digital marketing company. They provide an array of services including social media advertising, software development, website application development, and more. They have made their largest impact in the education sector, however, have also branched out to other industries such as advertising and marketing, hospitality, startups, e-commerce and more.

  • Associated Clients & Companies: Wifi Chai, Payroll Bureau, Topsource, Flatmates, and more
  • Services: software development (30%), web development (30%), e-commerce development (20%), digital marketing (20%)
  • Client types: Small Businesses (<$10M) – 70%, Medium Business – 30%

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The software industry has significantly impacted the ways companies operate as well as their interactions with each other. The internet and other new advanced technologies have shaped societal trends and will continue to in the coming years. In an industry with so much potential, companies are constantly looking to innovate and advance operations in order to differentiate themselves from competitors and ultimately improve potential inefficiencies.

This provides a unique opportunity for the software sector as several other industries do not have as many possibilities to expand and experiment. Many software companies today are likely eligible for government grants and tax incentives that finance businesses partaking in innovative activities or projects seeking technological advancement.

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