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Four-part Test Qualification for SR&ED Program

Canada Revenue Agency, in partnership with the Canadian Government, has been working meticulously to award companies participating in Scientific Research and Experimental Development for the promotion of national innovation in Canada. This practice dates back as early as 1944, when companies could deduct 100% of their scientific research expenditures from their taxable income. Since then, through several revaluations, Canada […]


Augmented Reality Innovating Canadian Healthcare

Augmented reality is technology that blends digital information technology, ie: sound, video, graphics and direct sensory experiences in real world surroundings and objects.   It’s like the Pokemon Go App! connected with real world information and presents an interactive world of Pokemons appearing on your sidewalk.   This interactive form of technology is playing an increasingly critical role in healthcare. As medical professionals are constantly working to meet rising demands in healthcare services […]


4 Types of Small Business Financing

So you have a small business up and running, but there are uncalled expenditures that are piling up on you. Whether you are looking for funding to take care of your additional expenditures or contribute to the growth of your brand, here are four financing options available to Canadian small business owners:  1. Loans While it’s harder to get loans from Canadian banks as a small business, there are several alternatives that are available to you. Canada Small Businesses Financing […]


Export Medical Devices & Take Advantage of International Medical Markets

As Canada heavily invests in our healthcare delivery and industry, its life science sector is gaining more traction due to its innovative and entrepreneurial nature. We know that our economy greatly relies on innovation and research for business sustainability. This ensures a spot for anyone with bold ideas and strategic frameworks to transform ideas into reality.   If your company creates products that can be used in mitigation, treatment, […]


R&D all the way! The Value of A Well-Constructed R&D Plan In Your Business

Keeping tabs on the dynamic Canadian tech industry is a source of great inspiration and in some cases, anxiety. Tech companies are constantly bombarded with rapid technological advancements and everchanging market landscapes, challenging their current product. These challenges can present exciting opportunities for product innovation and advancements. Tech companies understand the importance of innovation and its ability to single-handedly drive future company growth. Consistently adding value to your established creations, through […]


Going International: Tips on Expanding Your Business Globally

Expanding your company on a global scale is not easy and will often deter businesses from maximizing their potential growth. While running a business domestically is risky enough, companies looking to expand globally incur greater liability and exposure with the hopes of gaining ultimately greater rewards. The many payoffs of going global, such as countering […]