With the help of EVAMAX SRED consulting services, you can not only reduce the cost and time of your staff dealing with the claim preparation and audits but also maximize your claim. Just leave it to the experts.

Our tenacious & driven R&D Refunds team of highly qualified scientists, engineers, financial and tax experts takes care of the process from A to Z!

This includes:

  • Pre-Claim Consultation for ongoing client projects
  • Identifying the qualifying activities and expenditures
  • Preparing technical reports and tax schedules
  • Submit the claims to CRA or work with your accountant to submit & follow-up on the progress
  • Represent & prepare you for Revenue Canada’s technical & financial reviews.
  • Represent & prepare you for Revenue Canada’s technical & financial reviews.
  • Track & Expedite your claim from Start to Finish.
  • Access to easy-to-use web-based tracking software (www.rdmaximizer.com) to track R&D activities & ensure compliance, along with extensive guidance to provide a well-rounded approach to maximize the client’s benefits from the program.


  • Installation of Tracking & Documentation Mechanism

  • CRA Audit Consultation & Representation

  • Objections & Appeals Consultation & Representation

  • Second Opinion Consultation


  • We proudly claim to have success rate of more than 98% in last 6 years.
  • Our processes & practices are specific to each industry.
  • Our committed, resourceful and expert team of engineers has a combined experience of 32 years working on the SR&ED Program which helps expedite the refund process.
  • Our diverse industry experience helps us identify why & what others are successfully claiming and you are not. We can repeat the success with you.
  • We represent & prepare you for Revenue Canada’s technical & financial reviews.
  • We ensure that the time spent in the claim process by the client is at minimum, so they can focus on what they do best, while EVAMAX does what it is best at: Maximizing R&D refunds for you.
  • We are always on top of the latest changes in legislation that, affect your industry, which is key to maximizing the claim. What could not have been claimed in previously could be claimed now.
  • With our size and infrastructure, we cater to clients located anywhere Canada


  • Fast turn-around times responding to your queries.
  • We allocate to each client, a team that specializes in your industry
  • QC: To error proof our submissions, we follow strong procedures & guidelines and conduct peer reviews of submissions.
  • Install best practices and tools for effective internal controls and documentation process.
  • Always provide you a copy of the finished report, for your records.
  • Conduct quarterly visit/teleconference to evaluate new projects and update on all files under processing.


EVAMAX ensures the confidentiality of your trade secrets and intellectual property. The Federal Government also ensures the confidentiality of reports & returns submitted to them.


We work on a flexible fee structure on a case by case basis. We undertake assignments on contingency fee, hourly or fix price.

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For assistance in preparing your submission and to position your application for approval contact EVAMAX Group to help you with the process. You may also email us at info@evamax.com or call 1-877-711-7733.