Software Development & IT industries have witnessed a seismic shift in the recent past.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep learning are influencing and re-shaping every industry, be it financial services, healthcare, gaming, retail & digital commerce, self-driving cars, smart cities or job automation. The advancements and applications of Virtual reality & Augmented reality have opened many frontiers of innovation.

The demand for high-performance cloud computing & mobile computing is increasing rapidly. The pace of research & development for a variety of applications and disruptive technologies are astonishing.

While this puts more pressure on businesses to iterate and innovate, the Canadian Government has taken several steps to fund & incentivize this innovation to position Canada as a Global leader in research & innovation.

At EVAMAX, we specialize in assisting our clients (in all the above-mentioned businesses) access these opportunities for Tax Incentives, Grants & Funds. For e.g., SR&ED Incentives (Scientific Research & Experimental Development) program offers up to 68% tax credits on eligible R&D costs.

Do you Qualify for SR&ED?

Following is a generic list of the types of activities that may qualify for the SR&ED incentives:

  • Improvements to security, reliability, and scalability of web/mobile applications
  • Product architecture to reduce system latency, resource utilization or processing times
  • Enhancing applications through re-engineering of archaic computing systems
  • Software development to resolve hardware integration issues
  • Integration with disparate enterprise systems or third-party software
  • Resolving interoperability challenges between incompatible systems
  • Cross-platform development
  • Development of advanced engines, platforms or frameworks for e.g. gaming or financial
  • Developing Decision Making Tools, Predictive Optimization Technology.
  • Developing new and/or improved Machine Learning models that are functional and performant in real-world execution environments
  • Development of virtual & augmented reality applications

Please note that above is not an exhaustive list. Contact our experts to understand if your R&D activities may be eligible for SR&ED incentives.

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Why Hire EVAMAX?

While, you are engaged in the quest for innovation in technology, our highly motivated team is positioned to maximize benefits for our clients through R&D Tax credits or Grants & Funding options.

Our approach – Our competitive edge:

  • Our Technical & Financial experts connect with the clients on a regular basis throughout the year proactively gathering relevant information to plan ahead for submissions.
  • Our advisory services extend beyond the submissions. For e.g. Customizing efficient tracking systems for seamless compliance for SR&ED program or Grants.
  • Keeping you posted with the CRA legislation and new grant & funding opportunities.
  • Our reputation with the CRA and the grant agencies is remarkable and an excellent validation of our successes.
  • Our work culture is dynamic & we believe in continuous learning at all levels of our organizations. Our well rounded and well-experienced professionals go an extra mile to ensure you are leaving no cash on the table.

Programs for this Industry

For assistance in preparing your submission and to position your application for approval contact EVAMAX Group to help you with the process. You may also email us at or call 1-877-711-7733.