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Canadian Start-Ups reinventing ‘Global’ Pharma right here, right now

Canadian Start-Ups continue to change the game within the Big Pharma industry. Having a significant research arm in Canada, BlueRock Therapeutics was recently sold to Germany’s Bayer for a $1 billion valuation. This startup developed a new Parkison’s disease drug as well as an innovative approach to drug discovery.  Although start-ups often receive backlash for selling their creations too quickly, it’s important to consider the opportunities that come from the […]


R&D all the way! The Value of A Well-Constructed R&D Plan In Your Business

Keeping tabs on the dynamic Canadian tech industry is a source of great inspiration and in some cases, anxiety. Tech companies are constantly bombarded with rapid technological advancements and everchanging market landscapes, challenging their current product. These challenges can present exciting opportunities for product innovation and advancements. Tech companies understand the importance of innovation and its ability to single-handedly drive future company growth. Consistently adding value to your established creations, through […]


Clean Tech Company? Cut Down Production Costs Further with Grants 

Businesses involved in the green energy sectors are not only part of a prosperous market segment but are also eligible for numerous government grants that are yet to be taken advantage of.   As the international economy recognizes the benefits of transitioning towards decreased carbon use and emissions, Canada’s focus on supporting the development of the […]


SR&ED Audit Defense  

What you need to know and How EVAMAX experienced team can HELP: So you’ve been claiming SR&ED tax credits for a while and are now faced with a CRA review/ audit. SR&ED Claim Reviews are essential for compliance to ensure the efficiency of the tax system. These reviews often cause moments of frustration and panic. Every Canadian taxpayer […]