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Federal SR&ED Legislative Proposal Status

What is Bill C-97?  Bill C-97 was introduced by the Government on April 8, 2019. It states implementations of the provisions that were tabled in the Parliament on March 19, 2019. After receiving the second reading of April 30, 2019, it became law by royal assent on June 21, 2019.    The data in the table […]


CSSP Collaborates with Carleton University in $2 Million e-Health Systems

Carleton University has just recently launched an approximately $2 million project in association with the CSSP. The CSSP is the Canadian Department of National Defence’s Safety and Security Program and promotes collaboration amongst all levels of government and certain organizations. They focus on supporting projects that enhance the development of S&T (science and technology) solutions to resolve capability gaps in organizations.  In partnership with Public Safety Canada and […]


How can Business Grants Bring Innovative Ideas to the Market

Small business grants attract potential entrepreneurs, albeit lacking funding resources, to work on an idea that is usually chosen by the grant provider. These business grants help both the grant winner and financier. The grant recipient gets funding that is not required to be repaid while at the same time the grant provider is able […]


CanExport for SMEs: Project Funding Update 2019

CanExport for SME’s is an initiative of the Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) aimed at encouraging Canadian companies to expand the market potential of their products through financial support for commercialization and providing a platform for foreign partnerships.   What’s New?   Increased funding: Up to $75,000 per application on a 75% cost-sharing basis (max project cost: $100,000).  Updated eligibility criteria: The eligibility criteria have been expanded to include […]


How Automation Is Significantly Increasing Data Science Potential

Data science essentially uses a variety of algorithms and processes to analyze certain aspects of data. It has established itself as a key component for companies focusing on business growth, however, more often than not, businesses are unsuccessful in doing so.  As a matter of fact, Ryohei Fujimaki, CEO of dotData, stated in accordance to his personal findings, “We’ve seen […]


Cloud and Clear: Hospitals Transitioning to Cloud Computing Systems

As society adapts to new technological advancements and trends, the need for data reliability and security increases. This is a problem that many companies amongst a variety of industries face, and the demand for data from external and internal users of hospitals falls under this umbrella as well. This includes those inside hospitals, such as […]