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Attention: 5 Grants for Life Sciences-Biotech Industry

The Life Sciences-Biotech industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in Canada. With lots of room for experimentation and advancement, it is also a large contributor to innovation in Canada. Our nation’s network of resources, ranging from hospitals and universities to laboratories and bio-health companies, is a world leader with respects to the bio-economy. Listed below are […]


How to Develop Your App Through Different Funding Sources

Launching and developing a mobile application can be a difficult process as well as present several difficulties to those involved. The complexity, as well as the need to differentiate from fellow competitors of the industry, can act as a hindering factor to app developers.  That being said, developers who are able to acquire the funding to […]


10 CRM Software Best for Your Business

The term CRM, customer relationship management, refers to managing and retaining customer relationships in hopes of improving overall business operations as well as profitability. Through CRM systems, companies can record and organize their customer data which in turn increases efficiency and productivity throughout the business. Listed below are the top 10 CRM software systems used in […]


Zero to Hero: Tips for Growing Your Web Development Business

Growing any type of business from scratch can present several difficulties and obstacles for companies. Whether it be growing your clientele or launching specific operations, startups will face issues they must overcome in order to be successful. In a time where society is seeing the most rapid technological change it has ever experienced, web development business has […]


Little Known Facts About CRM – And Why They Matter

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a company’s strategy for managing relationships and interactions with current as well as potential future customers.  Companies that implement effective CRM systems are more likely to improve business relationships and ultimately increase their profitability. It is a Contact Management System, CMS, that acts as a contact database through housing and sharing all […]


Starting a R-IoT: The Rapid Growth of IoT Devices and Their Benefits

As a brief summary, the Internet of Things is a giant network of connected devices and people that can fill multiple needs through collecting as well as sharing data. The short form, IoT, commonly refers to devices that generally wouldn’t be expected to have an internet connection but still communicate throughout a network, without any […]