Behind every successful business is a strong & qualified team.

Hiring, Training & Retaining your workforce requires resources & funding.

What activities are eligible

The largest investment a company makes is in its human capital. This investment may include expanding or developing your workforce. Grants are available for small business recruitment activities to ensure companies have employees with the right skills and capabilities to support ongoing and future business plans. Funding programs also help organizations hire or retrain staff, improve their effectiveness and train them in new areas such as advanced technologies or operational processes.

Need help with applying for hiring/training grants?

Whether your business requires wage subsidies, hiring new graduates, co-ops, apprentices, collaborate with universities for research, train candidates or improve hiring diversity, team EVAMAX can find the most suitable fund for your initiatives with a fast turn – around time.

To schedule a no obligation consultation

For assistance in preparing your submission and to position your application for approval contact EVAMAX Group to help you with the process. You may also email us at or call 1-877-711-7733.