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Government Grants: What You Need To Know

Government grants are funds awarded to individuals, companies, institutions, and others partaking in certain types of projects. This could be through both innovative activities as well as projects seeking (technological) advancement. Lack of funding can be a problem for many companies, especially start-ups and small businesses. Despite the fact that the application process can often […]


5 Tips in Identifying Small Business Grants in Canada 

For small businesses especially, identifying and acquiring grants can be very challenging. There is no single exhaustive list to consult. Also, every industry contains different businesses eligible for different grants.  Acquiring funding through contributions and subsidies can be difficult considering many Canadian grant programs require a matching contribution of some sort. Outsourcing knowledgeable consultants to research the best grants for […]


$100 Million in AI Funding Provided to Albertan Companies

The Alberta provincial government has recently implemented a five-year plan that will see $100 million in AI funding provided to focused companies. Premier Rachel Notley hopes the funding received will support new companies to commercialize and help Alberta sustain its competitive advantage in AI talent. Related: Claiming Artificial Intelligence Centric Projects for SR&ED Tax Credits The […]


North American Company Secures Millions in Financing

Just recently, VanillaSoft Inc. received $4 million in equity and debt financing from different sources of funding.  VanillaSoft is a sales engagement platform that supports clients in achieving better sales accountability, increased productivity and higher contact rates. Essentially, they aim to optimize the sales and time of a company through software solutions by focusing on […]


Canadian Innovation Grants are Transforming Businesses Nationwide

Regardless you are partaking in activities at the R&D or commercialization stage, the Canadian government offers many opportunities for businesses of all types and sizes to acquire funding. Pertaining to innovation funding specifically, the federal government offers several programs such as IRAP (Industrial Research Assistance Program) and SR&ED (Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentive […]