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Government grants are funds awarded to individuals, companies, institutions, and others partaking in certain types of projects. This could be through both innovative activities as well as projects seeking (technological) advancement.

Lack of funding can be a problem for many companies, especially start-ups and small businesses.

Despite the fact that the application process can often be complex and specific, these grants can significantly contribute to both the growth and overall success of your company. If you believe you or your company is in need of funding, contact EVAMAX today to identify which government grants and benefits you are potentially eligible for.

Before submitting a grant application, it is important to understand how government grants work and what they entail. Below discusses some of the advantages and disadvantages of funding provided through government grants.


One of the most significant, if not the most significant, advantages to government grants is the fact that the funding received can be non-repayable. Government agencies are often more willing to take the risk on start-ups and small businesses that banks/investors are not.

Certain types of financing, such as those received through specific non-repayable government grants, do not require the funding to be repaid. This can provide financial stability and certainty as well as allow companies to focus on other aspects of the business that they would not have been able to prior to the acquisition of government financing.

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In addition, government grants are available to a wide range of categories and can be found regardless of the industry you are in. Websites such as  and provide thorough lists of funding available to your particular industry.

Whether you are involved with healthcare, science, education, etc. there are many resources available to companies looking to acquire financing. Depending on the grant, there can often be an unlimited amount of applications a company can submit to acquire the desired benefits.

Below is a compiled list of business grants per industry:


Crafting the proposal is often the most difficult component of the application. Regardless of the nature of activities and projects being completed, the government will not grant you funds if you do not have a solid and plausible plan. It is absolutely critical for companies to complete thorough research pertaining to the government grant they are seeking, or outsource the work to a firm like EVAMAX who has a team of experienced consultants that will assist you in acquiring funding.

Government grants also often come with restrictions and guidelines. Even if you qualify for a grant, you can not necessarily utilize the funds provided on whatever you want.

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Companies or individuals are required to consistently submit progress and tracking reports to the given agency that financed the grant. If certain regulations are not followed, the agency may be eligible to request a refund of the money they provided to you.

All in all, the benefits of government grants heavily outweigh the costs. The drawbacks related to the acquisition and use of government financing should not deter companies and individuals from seeking these grants.

As long as companies are willing to invest both their time and effort, they should apply for the government grants they are eligible for.

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The application process may include rejection on more than one occasion, however, companies should continue to try and find an appropriate grant that suits their needs.

For assistance in acquiring government grants, contact EVAMAX today to discover which grants are available to you and your company.



Tips in Identifying Small Business Grants in Canada | EVAMAX Group

For small businesses especially, identifying and acquiring grants can be very challenging. There is no single exhaustive list to consult. Also, every industry contains different businesses eligible for different grants. 

Acquiring funding through contributions and subsidies can be difficult considering many Canadian grant programs require a matching contribution of some sort. Outsourcing knowledgeable consultants to research the best grants for your company is a potential solution for small businesses having difficulty in pinpointing funding.

With the help of experienced firms like EVAMAX, companies are more likely to successfully identify and acquire the financing they desire.  

Listed below are the five tips for identifying Canadian small business grants according to The Balance SMB. 

1. Know Your Terminology 

It’s uncommon for Canadian grant programs to simply be listed as “small business grants” online. There is often research to be done and companies should be knowledgeable of keywords to look for.

When seeking subsidized funding, look for terms such as awards, contributions, shared costs, subsidies, rebates, tax credits, and non-repayable loans. It is important to know what you are looking for before investing your time in conducting research. 

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2. Know Where Your Business Falls on the Grant Priority Scale 

Depending on the nature of your business, where it is located, and the industry it falls in, the availability of grants your company is eligible for can vary.

 For example, government and small business grants tend to be plentiful in industries such as agribusiness, environmental technology, and biotechnology. Companies in industries such as retail, however, may find the availability of small business grants to be scarce as their industry is not as heavily supported as others. 

Similarly, the location and nature of your business can also determine the eligibility and likelihood of acquiring financing. The number of assistance programs available varies in accordance to where they are located.

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For example, the Northwest Territories offers a grant of up to $15,000 per year for all potential entrepreneurs in the territory. This program is exclusive to the nature of the business, entrepreneurship, and also the location, the Northwest Territories. 

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3. Use Hub Sites To Search 

It is important for companies to use the research opportunities and resources at their disposal. Government hub sites, like the Industry of Canada website, can provide a nearly exhaustive list of financing your company is eligible for, including small business grants.

The government assistance page helps you narrow your search and identify the grants available to you based on the criteria you provide.  

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4. Look Within Your Particular Industry 

As stated previously, different grants are available to different businesses depending on the industry they are in. Rather than searching for an exhaustive list of all small business grants, you can tailor your search to specifically within your industry.  

Again, companies can use government hub sites that will generate a list of grants in accordance with your industry name and NAICS (North American code. By answering questions regarding your location, business type, type of funding, amount desired, etc. the government assistance page will generate the appropriate grants corresponding to the criteria you provided. 

Below is a compiled list of business grants per industry:

5. Position Your Business to Take Advantage of Small Business Grants/Tax Incentives

There are substitutions to small business grants that still provide the financing desired, such as the Canadian SR&ED program. The Canadian government offers one of the most generous tax incentive programs in the world in which they reward companies partaking in innovative activities or technological advancement through tax deductions, tax credits, and/or refunds. 

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 The SR&ED program is often preferred in comparison to small business grants as it does not require project approval prior to commencement but rather you can carry out your project and then make the appropriate tax claim after.

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At EVAMAX, our team of specialized SR&ED and grants consultants can help identify and acquire the potential benefits your company is eligible for.

For a no-obligation consultation, contact EVAMAX today to identify all applicable grants/tax incentives your business is missing out on. 



$100 Million in AI Funding Provided to Albertan Companies | EVAMAX Group

The Alberta provincial government has recently implemented a five-year plan that will see $100 million in AI funding provided to focused companies.

Premier Rachel Notley hopes the funding received will support new companies to commercialize and help Alberta sustain its competitive advantage in AI talent.

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The government, both provincial and federal, looks for opportunities to promote innovative activities. Canada is home to one of the most generous tax incentive programs in the world. The government provides incentives, such as tax deductions and refunds, for companies to undertake certain activities.

EVAMAX can assist your business in acquiring funding through our specialized team of experienced SR&ED consultants.

Of the $100 million, $27 million was invested in the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii), one of the world’s top AI research groups/programs. Amii will use the funding provided to leverage partnerships with Alberta universities, support companies building in-house AI technologies, and establish a new office in Calgary to expand their operations.

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As for the remaining funding, it was mostly allocated to the Alberta Innovates, the leading provincial research, and innovation agency. They plan on using the funding to expand their work in the AI sector, grow the company, and accelerate research and development.

Together, Amii and the Alberta Innovates will support innovation growth and technological advancement through an expected 5,600 new jobs and 100+ companies across the province.

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The Alberta government highlights the fact that the province must continue to innovate in order to stay competitive in the AI industry and digitally transform into a data-enabled economy.

According to John Shillington, CEO of Amii, “Businesses around the world are turning to machine learning and artificial intelligence as key drivers of innovation across every industry sector.”

Innovation is critical for companies to be competitive and without a long-term plan for diversified commitment, Alberta could lose their competitive advantage regarding artificial intelligence. The opportunities that advanced technologies are providing us are more accessible to us than they have ever been before.

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Companies should learn to utilize the resources available to them regarding both provincial and federal funding in order to be successful within their given industry. Learn more about Provincial & Territorial R&D Tax Credits 

All in all, the $100 million in funding will provide more than just the current monetary value to companies. The Alberta government expects this funding to leverage more than $207 million in investments by the industry and create $1.5 billion in value to Alberta businesses, including Amii-affiliated companies.

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With Alberta researchers already being ranked as the third-best in the world, provincial leaders want to continue these efforts and maintain themselves as industry leaders.

Society is currently living in a time where innovative growth and technological advancement is greater than it ever has been before as companies are forced to adapt/innovate in order to thrive.

If your company is partaking in innovative activities or seeking financing, contact EVAMAX today to discover the potential entitled benefits your company is missing out on.



North American Company Secures Millions in Financing

Just recently, VanillaSoft Inc. received $4 million in equity and debt financing from different sources of funding. 

VanillaSoft is a sales engagement platform that supports clients in achieving better sales accountability, increased productivity and higher contact rates.

Essentially, they aim to optimize the sales and time of a company through software solutions by focusing on different facets of digital technology, such as CRM. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is an approach to client interactions using data analysis on customer retention and relationships in order to increase efficiency and promote sales growth.

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The purpose of CRM systems is to ultimately streamline processes and improve the profitability of companies, which shares similarities to VanillaSoft’s vision of empowering their clients.

Although VanillaSoft is not specifically identified as a CRM company, other similar businesses are likely eligible for digital media grants, similar to that received by VanillaSoft, that provide them with the competitive advantage needed to boost economic growth. Call EVAMAX today to discover the benefits your company is potentially eligible for.

With respects to the financing received by VanillaSoft, $3 million was provided by the Fonds Régionaux de Solidarité FTQ Outaouais (FRSO) and $1 million through a federal government agency, the Canadian Economic Development for Quebec Regions (CED).

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The FRSO has supported the economic development of numerous companies and created thousands of jobs in the process. Similarly, the CED focuses on supporting innovation and economic growth through financing, guidance, and connecting companies to the right partners for their given projects.

Prior to the recent funding received, VanillaSoft has had a relationship with both the FRSO and CED in the past. After the natural disaster of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, VanillaSoft did not recover their office and operations in New Orleans.

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The FRSO and CED assisted VanillaSoft to re-establish themselves in the National Capital Region which was vital to both the survival and growth of the company. The recent financing provided will now give the FRSO its first equity stake in the company as repayment of gratitude for their actions many years back.

The financing received from the FRSO and CED will be used to grow their R&D and sales team personnel as well as expand their business across the continent. This will provide the company with the ability to support a client’s marketing efforts and develop new markets/services.

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VanillaSoft finds itself in a time where digital media technology is rapidly changing the operations, development, and opportunities available to companies. By accessing funding, VanillaSoft is building a competitive advantage by seizing opportunities they would not be able to attain individually.

Moving forward, VanillaSoft looks to specifically use the funding provided to launch functionality that will use AI to analyze data in order to optimize sales processes and allow customers to better understand their business.

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All in all, digital media technology has flourished in a time period where society is seeing the most rapid technological advancements and innovative growth ever experienced.

This provides companies with unique opportunities to expand and grow their business in new ways that may not have been available previously. There are numerous sources of financing available to businesses of all sizes, types, and locations that companies do not take advantage of.

If your company is partaking in innovative activities or seeking funding, contact EVAMAX to identify the potential financing available to you.



Getting You Out Of Treble How Canadian Artists Can Acquire Funding

Over the past two decades, the way society has utilized and operated the internet has shifted the way we use media today. With respects to Canada specifically, firms are now building applications and experiences that educate and entertain us on portable devices such as tablets and smartphones.

We have evolved from the days of print media which was used to advertise and communicate messages in a much simpler and less efficient way.

Our federal government promotes information, research and technological development in the cultural media industry through funding initiatives in the form of grants, tax credits, and loan guarantees.

There is a variety of tax incentives and funding opportunities that EVAMAX can assist your company in retrieving, to facilitate your business as a competitive entity in the media industry.

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MVP Project

One of the numerous funding opportunities in the interactive digital media industry is the Music Video Production (MVP) Project sanctioned by the Royal Bank of Canada and the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television.

This project aims to promote and assist emerging Canadian artists, producers and filmmakers in creating music video content. The MVP project provides the financial support needed by artists to collaborate with those from different disciplines and introduce them to new opportunities.

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During May of 2019, nine recipients were awarded grants in the 2nd round of the project. The artists selected across the country featured different genres, such as pop, EDM, and indie rock, as well as various filmmaking styles including stop-animation, dance and short-form narrative.

The project supports innovations/inventions and fosters cooperation within the media industry as there is a belief that artists will be more successful as a collaborative unit rather than as individuals.

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The funding received provides these artists the opportunity to match their vision to their budget that once restricted them from reaching their full potential. From Charlottetown to Toronto, the funding provided by the MVP project has given several artists the ability to make their dreams come to life.

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Importance of SRED and Government Grants for Digital Media Sector

It is crucial for companies to leverage the different funding sources provided by the government in order to be successful in the digital media industry. With so many competitors in the market, many artists often find their visions or goals to be limited by their budget.

Fortunately, the federal government offers one of the most generous tax incentive programs in the world for companies partaking in Scientific Research and Experimental Design (SR&ED) and other innovative activities.

These programs can significantly impact the overall success of those in the digital media industry by providing them the funding and benefits needed to carry out the company or individual vision. Contact EVAMAX today and schedule a no-obligation consultation regarding the potential benefits you could be missing out on.

The several sources of funding provided through SR&ED and the government can act as a competitive advantage for competitors in the industry. Receiving these benefits can promote investment, job creation, and original content creation by:

  • Facilitating and supporting innovation, invention, and excellence in Canadian cultural media industry
  • Fostering and facilitating co-operation within the cultural media industry and between the public and private sectors
  • Promote information, research and technological development in the cultural media industry provincially, nationally and internationally
  • Making Canada a great place to invest in, create, produce and enjoy original cultural media product

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Canada’s interactive digital media industry is currently expanding with more companies, including a video game sub-sector ranked third in the world. The direction this industry has been trending as of late has led to a shift in the way we use and view media.

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It is vital for competitors in the industry to identify techniques that provide a competitive advantage and promote individual success.


If you are looking to differentiate your company in a competitive industry like the digital media and entertainment sector, EVAMAX can help you subsidize the growth and development needed to reach your business goals.



Canadian Innovation Grants are Transforming Businesses Nationwide

Regardless you are partaking in activities at the R&D or commercialization stage, the Canadian government offers many opportunities for businesses of all types and sizes to acquire funding.

Pertaining to innovation funding specifically, the federal government offers several programs such as IRAP (Industrial Research Assistance Program) and SR&ED (Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentive Program) to assist businesses in the operations of their company.

IRAP funding is available to small and medium-sized companies with the intention of creating new products and processes that lead to enhanced productivity, new competitive advantages, or innovative research.

The SR&ED program, on the other hand, provides tax incentives/refunds to companies undertaking activities involving innovation or improvements in products and processes. These are both examples of Canadian government grants that provide funding to eligible companies nationwide.

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Listed below are a few benefits that outline the significance of not just SR&ED and IRAP funding but Canadian government grants as a whole.

Development of Your Business

Companies that are successful in acquiring funding often find that their strategies align with the preferences of government funding programs. Firms like EVAMAX offer to consult and assist you in developing funding strategies in order to leverage more from Canadian government grants.

The business grants received through these programs can contribute to the development of a company in several ways such as expansion, adaptation and R&D. Often, companies will even seek government grants as a source of seed funding or to generate enough cash flow to cover expenses.

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Through sources of funding, companies can seek expansion physically, to increase production/efficiency, and in their given market as well. In addition, businesses who receive government grants can utilize this to increase the efficiency of the company’s technology and capital by purchasing or modifying equipment. Through expansion and adaptation, a company can discover new products and processes that positively contribute to the business’s development.

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Increasing the Potential of Your Outcomes

By acquiring government funding, businesses can improve and increase the potential of their outcomes. The incorporation of additional activities within a company, such as new and better equipment, increases project capacity and helps to avoid congestion created by production inefficiencies.

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In other words, the Canadian government grants can dispose of inefficiencies that would otherwise have been impossible to do so without funding. Even if a company does not use the funding to introduce additional activities and assets, companies can expand the degree to which a current strategy is being deployed instead. For example, productivity can be increased by repairing a damaged machine, not necessarily purchasing a different one.

Through the potential increases in productivity and efficiency, it can also be expected that these government grants can reduce the timelines of projects. Government funding gives companies the ability to react to market trends quickly and make the most out of their product and processes. Time is a crucial aspect of the growth and success of a company. Canada business grants assist in maximizing this intangible element whenever possible.

Experimenting and Identifying Risks

The process of seeking grants and funding can have benefits and provide important insight to companies about the operations of their business. Talking to Tax Incentives/Grants Adviser helps companies identify applicable grants to mitigate potential risks of their business in pursuing experimental/new projects.

For example, SR&ED consultants at EVAMAX can increase the return of claims by helping to identify the technical approach a business should use when applying for grants. With the information provided, we are often able to maximize a company’s eligible benefits by using an approach or outlook of the company that was possibly not seen by those internally.

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All in all, there are significant benefits to acquiring government grants that many Canadian companies do not take advantage of. Through government funding, companies can experiment, adapt, and choose the plan they deem as most suitable to their company.

Learn more about the federal grants and funding programs your company is qualified for.  Contact us or dial 1-877-711-7733.



IRAP Funding_ Could You Be the Next Company to Receive Millions in Funding

Our Canadian federal government encourages businesses to partake in innovative activities regarding process improvements and technology-driven research. The National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) is a federal innovation assistance program for small and medium-sized businesses. They have invested in over 12,000 companies since 2015 which has led to the creation of 49,000 jobs in the process.

They aim to expedite the growth of small and medium-sized companies by servicing them with advisory services, financial assistance, and other innovation funding. Companies engaged in the research and development of technology can use assistance from EVAMAX in identifying opportunities to reduce project costs.

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The NRC IRAP has just recently provided $5.6 million in funding to support three companies located in Richmond Hill, ON. The funding provided to these companies was apart of the $56.6 million investment made by the government of Canada through the NRC IRAP. IRAP funding is a key component of the Canadian Innovation and Skills Plan introduced in 2017.

This plan is open to all Canadians with the purpose of making Canada a world leader in innovation, create more and better-paying jobs, and help strengthen the middle class. EVAMAX contributes to Canada’s Innovation and Skills Plan by providing information and services that benefit companies who are partaking in innovative activities. Learn more

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The recent $5.6 million funding from NRC IRAP has split among three companies; Applanix Corporation, Opus One Solutions, and Hibar Systems Ltd. Each of the businesses that were granted funding is currently or planning on participating in activities seeking innovation. Applanix Corp. was given $2 million to support the design, development and global commercialization of its next-generation navigation solutions for both land and sea autonomous vehicles.

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Hibar Systems Ltd, on the other hand, intends to utilize the $2 million they received to support the development of a high-speed lithium-ion battery manufacturing system aimed to meet demand in the mass electric energy storage market. Lastly, Opus One Solutions received $1.6 million to develop software that lowers electricity costs through the integration of distributed energy sources, such as solar and storage.

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All in all, there are many opportunities for businesses to acquire potential funding and other benefits. There are several companies who are eligible for funding and other grants but do not maximize their entitled benefits.

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The Canadian federal government has provided numerous opportunities for companies nationwide to cover the costs of certain activities and projects they undertake. The NRC IRAP helps small and medium-sized businesses to develop technologies and encourages growth among individual businesses and the Canadian innovation system.

At EVAMAX, our job is to help you save money and maximize your potential benefits. Contact EVAMAX today for more information regarding how your company can receive funding through IRAP.



Alliance Grants: How Partnering with Organizations Can Reduce Your Costs

The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) has just recently announced the introduction of Alliance grants. These grants are designed to support research collaborations within Canada’s R&D system through partner organizations. Different sources of funding help you to cover the costs of your project through cash contributions from partner organizations, universities, and other external funding sources.

NSERC also provides funds to cover the direct costs related to your project and any other related research. The amount of funding granted by NSERC is proportionate to the funds provided by partner organizations on a cost-sharing basis.

If you prefer to talk to a grant specialist and learn more about Alliance Grant, EVAMAX can help you.   

Project Budget Table

There are certain costs that can or can not be considered as NSERC related expenses. The list below outlines expenses that are qualified as NSERC-eligible.

  • Direct costs of research
  • Salary support for research trainees, of all qualifications and skill levels, to perform research and related training
  • Materials and supplies
  • Activities that support collaborations and knowledge mobilization related to the project
  • Activities to develop and grow the research collaborations with the partner organizations
  • Costs of equipment provided that the equipment is essential to achieving the objectives of the research project and is incremental to the equipment already available for use
  • Project management costs (for large or multi-party projects only)

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Calculating the NSERC Funding Through Cost-Sharing

The Alliance grant is calculated in correspondence to cash contributions from partner organizations who are recognized for cost-sharing. These cash contributions incorporate any funding received to start the project up to 3 months prior to submitting the application, excluding contributions from the university, other funders, and non-recognized cost-sharing partner organizations.

The tables below outline the two cost-sharing options offered by NSERC. Depending on the size and type of partner organizations involved, NSERC will cover a certain percentage of your costs through Alliance grants.

The amount of funding to request from NSERC is calculated by multiplying the applicable cost-sharing percentage by the total cost of the project. Ensure you deduct any contributions from the university, other funders or partner organizations not recognized for cost-sharing from the total project cost before multiplying. EVAMAX can assist your application by providing clarification and ensuring you are claiming all entitled benefits.

Option 1

  • Applications per year: no limit
  • Grant size: $20,000 to $1 million per year
  • Duration: 1 to 5 years
Size of Partner Organization Type of Partnership NSERC Contributions to Project Costs
Large organizations, including private, public and not-for-profit organizations (500 or more employees globally) As a sole partner organization or in partnership exclusively with other large organizations 50% (1:1 leverage)
As a partner with small and medium-sized enterprises such as in a value or supply chain relationship, or with other sectors (private, public, not-for-profit) 66% (2:1 leverage)
Small and medium-sized private, public or not-for-profit organizations (fewer than 500 employees globally) As a sole partner organization or in partnership with other sectors (private, public or not-for-profit) 66% (2:1 leverage)

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Option 2

  • Applications within a 12-month period:
    • Two for non-academic partners
    • Two for applicants (one as the principal investigator, one as the co-applicant)
  • Grant size: $20,000 to $200,000 per year
  • Duration: 1 to 5 years
Size of Partner Organizations Type of Partnership NSERC Contribution to Project Costs
All Partner sizes

Partnership must include one organization that is recognized for NSERC cost-sharing

Exclusively not-for-profit and public partner organizations 100%
Any private-sector partner organization; this option requires a 10% cash contribution from the combined partner organizations 90%

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 Reviewing and Evaluating Your Proposal

The NSERC analyzes each application meticulously and follows a specific approach valuing both financial and non-financial aspects of a company. See below for the four main criterion the NSERC uses to evaluate proposals.

  • Relevance and Outcomes
    • The NSERC examines the impacts of the intended outcomes of the proposal. The environmental, economic and social influences of the outcomes should be beneficial to Canada.
    • The assessment of one’s proposal will also be based on the need and potential of the outcomes of their project
  • Partnership
    • The type, role, and contributions from partner organizations are taken into consideration when evaluating Alliance applications
  • Quality of Proposal
    • NSERC heavily considers the clarity, appropriateness, and justification for expenditures and outcomes
    • It is important to identify how you monitor your progress and evaluate the outcomes of your project
  • Training
    • Ensure there are opportunities to train employees and other necessary parties, regardless of their qualifications
    • NSERC values diversity and gender equity

With regards to the evaluation criteria above, NSERC uses different assessment tools to analyze your proposal.

  • Approximate thresholds
Small Project Medium Project Large Project
The average annual request of $20,000 or more, up to $30,000 for 1 to 5 years The average annual request of more than $30,000 and up to $300,000 for 1 to 5 years The average annual request of more than $300,000 and up to $1,000,000 for to 1 to 5 years
  • Review mechanisms
Small Project Medium Project Large Project
NSERC File Managers

Evaluation supported by existing NSERC peer review (such as Discovery Grant rating, active Canada Research Chair holders, prior Partnership grants)

If no existing NSERC peer review evidence is available then external reviewers will be used

External Reviewers

With expertise directly related to the proposal


Provide review based on all evaluation criteria

Ad hoc committee of external reviewers

With expertise directly related to the proposal


Provide review based on all evaluation criteria

  • Expected decision time
Small Project Medium Project Large Project
4 weeks 8-12 weeks 12-16 weeks
  • Funding decisions
    • Funds other than those provided by NSERC or cost-sharing can be listed in the project budget table. These funds are assessed when determining the merit of the proposal based on the following criteria
      • How much value they add to the project
      • How appropriate they are for the size of the project
      • How appropriate they are for the partner organization’s role and the desired outcome of the project
    • Each of the four evaluation criterion stated previously are ranked based on indicators of merit. The purpose of this is to determine priority for small, medium and large projects. The range of the merit indicators include:
      • Exceptional
      • Exceeds
      • Meets
      • Does not satisfy

As stated before, Alliance grants were implemented to support research collaborations with partner organizations. NSERC supports university students, promotes discovery research and fosters innovation by providing incentives for companies to participate in postsecondary research projects.

If you are interested with Alliance grant or other sources of NSERC funding, contact EVAMAX for a free consultation.



In order to compete and be one of the best, your business must invest in ground-breaking products, processes, and services. The only downside to that is having a sizeable budget specifically for research and development. This is where the importance of government funding can’t be better emphasized.

The government, through the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA), provides the necessary funds to support a broad range of technical research projects. The Atlantic Innovation Fund (AIF) aims to empower small businesses for business innovations and help them develop technologies that will eventually be ripe for commercialization.

Understanding the Atlantic Innovation Fund

The Atlantic Innovation Fund is a funding program initiated by the government in support of research efforts for innovative technologies. Through this funding program, private-sector research, as well as partnerships with research institutions and the academe, are made possible. Through the AIF, companies can use the granted funds to further develop commercially-viable technology or adaptation projects.

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Who Are Eligible for the Atlantic Innovation Fund?

The AIF can help anyone or any entity that wants to:

  • Develop products and services that meet market demands and globalization standards
  • Take on new technology in order to answer business needs or market opportunities
  • Become a competitive member of Atlantic Canada’s new and traditional business sectors

To be eligible for the AIF, an applicant must:

  1. Operate in Atlantic Canada, including and limited to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island
  2. Be a private-sector business, a post-secondary institution, a research institution, or a provincial Crown corporation

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What Are Project Eligibilities for the Atlantic Innovation Fund?

The AIF provides government funding for companies to develop products and services that are technology-based provided that the project:

  1. Has infallible research and development component
  2. Is developed with a high probability of going commercial
  3. Is on track to provide Atlantic Canada vast economic development opportunities
  4. Supports new or improved technologies
  5. Has scientific and/or technical components
  6. Can be concluded within a minimum of 18 to 36 months or a maximum of five years

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How Much Funding Can Projects Receive from Atlantic Innovation Fund?

Eligible businesses operating in Atlantic Canada may be granted up to 75% of the costs of their eligible projects or up to a maximum of $3 million in research and development funds. Projects requiring less than $500,000 may be directed to a different ACOA program that basically works the same way.

Aside from capital costs, the funding will cover the salaries and wages of employees, as well as other operating expenses relevant to the project. Take note, though, that the funding AIF offers is conditionally-repayable funding, which means repayment amounts and conditions will be set based on the competitiveness of a project. If a project has the potential to rake in benefits for a company and contribute to a broader economy, then there’s a higher chance of getting approved.

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Is There an Application Deadline for AIF?

None. The AIF operates on an open-call basis, which means businesses and research institutions have the opportunity to submit their applications any time of the year.

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Canadian Agricultural Partnership Cost Sharing Opportunities Ontario 2019

Cost-Shared programs by federal, provincial and territorial governments:

Also see: Targeted Opportunities for Businesses

The Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) is a five-year federal-provincial-territorial initiative to increase the competitiveness, prosperity, and sustainability of the agriculture, agri-food and agri-based products sector.

Since its launch, the CAP has been accepting applications in provinces where bilateral agreements have already been arranged, namely Ontario and Quebec.

This investment will be cost-shared on a 60:40 basis and delivered by provinces and territories to ensure programs are tailored to meet regional needs.

Cost Sharing Funding Opportunities in Ontario

Funding is available for Capital Expenses, Marketing, Innovation (advanced manufacturing technology & automation), Training, Business Development, and Infrastructure activities to improve productivity in the agri-food industry.

Funding Type

Cost-sharing (up to 50% of cost sharing for some projects and initiatives)

Eligible Activities & Expenditures

1) Capital Expenses (Equipment purchases/retrofits, construction, software etc.)

2) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems implementation & upgrades.

3) Product, Processes & Technology Development & Innovation

4) Food Safety / Traceability Systems

Targeted Opportunities also available

5) Marketing – Domestic & Export

6) Business Plans/ Marketing Plans/ Productivity Plans/ Other Strategic Plans Development

7) Plant & Livestock related infrastructure

Who can apply?

For-profit & Not-for-profit organizations in the following categories are eligible –

Processors i.e. any established company that is a manufacturer and is

  • Currently directly involved in the transformation of agricultural commodities, food, beverage or agri-based bio-products in Ontario may meet the eligibility criteria.

This includes processors:

  • Tobacco-based pharmaceuticals or other bio-products
  • Ornamentals (flowers, shrubs, sod, etc.,  both land-based and greenhouse)
  • Health or nutrition supplements
  • Pet food products


PROCESSORS and ABATTOIRS can apply for Cost-Share Funding until MAY 6, 2019

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