The Canadian agriculture and agri-food system is a complex and integrated supply chain that includes input and service suppliers, primary producers, food and beverage processors, food retailers and wholesalers, and foodservice providers. The activities along this supply chain generate significant economic benefits at both the national and provincial levels. In 2014, the AAFS generated $108.1 billion, accounting for 6.6% of Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP).

Of this, followed by the food, beverage and tobacco processing industry (1.7%). The prospects of Food & Beverage industry are shining as the consumer is informed and demands healthy, sustainable and diverse tastes.

This Food & Beverage processing industry is supported by multiple tax incentives & generous, but competitive grants. The CRA administers the SR&ED tax credits & Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada delivers federal programs under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership aimed at generating economic growth in this sector.

Find out if you qualify of SR&ED or Government grants in the Food & Beverage Producing & Processing sectors:

What activities qualify for SR&ED?

  • Assembly line (process) improvements
  • Process or product development trials
  • Conduct investigations to improve shelf Life and product stability issues, product consistency and scalability issues
  • Challenges with chemical compatibility & changing formulations
  • Issues with changing sensory properties of food
  • Development or incorporating a new catalyst, or buffer system
  • Conduct experimental work in organic or inorganic chemistry

If you are a company in any of the any of the following sectors, there are numerous open grants available to access:

  1. Food processor
    • Tobacco-based pharmaceuticals
    • other bio-products
    • Ornamentals (flowers, shrubs, sod, etc., both land-based and greenhouse)
    • Health or nutrition supplements
    • Pet food products
  2. Manufacturer supporting the food processing, producing industry
  3. Abattoir

What activities might qualify for Grants & Funds?

  • Make improvements at your facility to put in place software systems to streamline and integrate business applications i.e. Enterprise Resource Planning and Supply Chain Management Systems
  • Make Capital Expense for New or novel technological and equipment upgrades to enhance labour productivity Retrofit existing equipment, technology and software systems to increase automation and labour productivity (includes equipment to package and label products), Rent equipment / facilities, Labor
  • Development of new or translation of existing manufacturing policies, feedback systems, preventative maintenance procedures and standard operational procedures
  • Train key personnel on project-related new technology
  • Increase ingredient efficiency and reduce waste
  • Develop New Products or Processing Technologies
  • Market Products in Canada  or Market Products Internationally
  • Third-party assurance certification for products for international markets
  • Conduct R&D projects for minor commodities
  • Conduct activities to improve agricultural productivity, including research on agricultural inputs, improved crop/livestock traits (e.g. genetics), environment (e.g. GHG) or food safety
  • New Construction, Modification or New Technologies to Improve Animal Housing, Health Managemen and many more.

Our typical clients in the Food & Beverage sector are from the following sub-sectors:

  • Food Manufacturers: Produce, seafood, poultry, processed & specialty
  • Health & Nutritional supplements manufacturers
  • Dairy, Sugar and Confectionery Product Manufacturers
  • Starch and Vegetable Fats and Oils Manufacturers
  • Animal Abattoirs & Processing Operations
  • Pet food manufacturers
  • Wineries, distilleries and beverage, tobacco, and specialty food companies for e.g. cannabis infused food producers
  • Bio security, remote monitoring, ERP system integrations for agricultural producers and processor plants
  • Manufacturers supporting the food processing, producing industry

At EVAMAX, we specialize in assisting our clients (in all the above-mentioned businesses) access these opportunities for Tax Incentives, Grants & Funds. For e.g., SR&ED Incentives (Scientific Research & Experimental Development) program offers up to 68% tax credits on eligible R&D costs.

Following is a generic list of the types of activities and /or technological challenges that may qualify for the SR&ED incentives:

  • Custom design/redesign, prototyping
  • Improvement of strength, tolerance, dimensional stability
  • Automation of a manual process or improvement of existing process
  • Challenges with new materials, products or processes meeting or improving performance requirements. For e.g. Issues with Reliability, Consistency, Scalability, integration
  • Miniaturization of components or systems, high speed processing of large data
  • Thermal and heat dissipation challenges
  • Issues developing automation and logic control systems
  • Schematic design and iteration issues
  • Simulation of system performance
  • Developing remote monitoring software
  • Strength and accuracy of image/signal
  • Developing User Interface (Wireless & RF)
  • Challenges with material stability with temperature or pressure, extending the life and increasing the function of existing material
  • Studying microstructure and function with different additives
  • Synthesizing materials (such as polymers, ceramics, thin films, etc.)

Please note that above is not an exhaustive list. Contact our experts to understand if your R&D activities may be eligible for SR&ED incentives.

In addition to the SR&ED incentive programs, a manufacturing business that are at least 2 years in operation may qualify for several grant programs for capacity expansion, innovation, exports, hiring & training.

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Why Hire EVAMAX?

While, you are engaged in the quest for innovation in technology, our highly motivated team is positioned to maximize benefits for our clients through R&D Tax credits or Grants & Funding options.

Our approach – Our competitive edge:

  • Our Technical & Financial experts connect with the clients on a regular basis throughout the year proactively gathering relevant information to plan ahead for submissions.
  • Our advisory services extend beyond the submissions. For e.g. Customizing efficient tracking systems for seamless compliance for SR&ED program or Grants.
  • Keeping you posted with the CRA legislation and new grant & funding opportunities.
  • Our reputation with the CRA and the grant agencies is remarkable and an excellent validation of our successes.
  • Our work culture is dynamic & we believe in continuous learning at all levels of our organizations. Our well rounded and well-experienced professionals go an extra mile to ensure you are leaving no cash on the table.

For assistance in preparing your submission and to position your application for approval contact EVAMAX Group to help you with the process. You may also email us at or call 1-877-711-7733.