Developing Clean & Green Technologies to lower our carbon footprint is a major goal of not just the Federal Government’s Investment policy, but also the need of the hour.

The Government & various agencies offer several grants & funds to enable Clean Tech & Green Tech companies to bring their technologies to market.

The key areas of focus include for e.g.

  • Sustainable Natural Resources Development
  • Carbon-Free Power Generation and Distribution
  • Energy Efficiency for Communities and Industry
  • Next-Generation Technologies
  • Remote and Northern Community Utility Systems
  • Clean tech innovation which captures CO2 emissions and recycles them into plant-based materials.
  • Energy Efficient Vehicles, Freight, and Transportation

Canadian Clean & Green Technology developers face many obstacles in bringing new ideas and innovations to market. They have limited access to capital and difficulty finding end-users to provide input during the development process. There are resources to help innovators overcome these hurdles and reach commercialization sooner.

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