Every business wants to grow, however, they all face a common barrier to growth, which is available cash flows.

Fortunately, the Canadian government provides grants to subsidize small business growth. This includes grants for expanding your facility, purchasing new capital equipment, or entering new markets. These grants are available to mature, growth-oriented companies in Canada.

Globalization has shifted how businesses operate and grow. There is a growing need for automated and advanced technologies. Businesses need to constantly invest in new equipment to keep up with this growing demand. Without making these investments, businesses will limit their production capabilities and risk losing competitive advantage.

Federal and provincial governments provide loans and grants for small businesses to invest in capital equipment, enterprise software, and advanced technologies. There are programs to assist in areas such as building design, construction, and commercialization strategies. Programs exist on both the federal and provincial level, including Ontario grants for small business in this particular region and Western Canadian government grants.

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