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SR&ED in the Cannabis Sector

On October 7, 2018, the Federal government legalized the usage of cannabis and permitted private sales of cannabis products. For an industry that has long been eclipsed by controversy, cannabis has been able to gain significant traction from companies across the spectrum like Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Walmart, and Amazon due to its health benefits. The cannabis […]


Regional Economic Growth through Innovation – Steel & Aluminum Initiative – FedDev Ontario

Funding request must be more than $150,000, to a maximum of $1,000,000 per applicant. Application Intake Begins: March 11, 2019 Submission deadline: April 8, 2019 (Priority) Program: The purpose of the Steel and Aluminum initiative is to encourage Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) that are heavily invested in the Canadian steel and aluminum industry to […]


SR&ED Policy update- Budget 2019: What it means for ITC Calculation?

CCPC’s (Canadian Controlled Private Companies) can earn a refundable tax credit of up to 35% of qualified Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) expenditures regardless of taxable income. Currently, they can earn this credit on expenditures up to $3 million depending on their taxable income and taxable capital in their prior fiscal year. This expenditure […]