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Exploring Cannabis-Based Medicines and Tools (mCannabis) Program for Albertans

Alberta Innovates has proudly announced the Exploring Cannabis-Based Medicines and Tools (mCannabis) Program on December 9, 2019. The said program aims to provide new opportunity for stakeholders in Alberta’s Cannabis ecosystem collaboration.  In connection with this, the coordination between stakeholders is projected to result to advance Cannabis research and innovations that aim to enhance patient care, improve […]


Factors That May Be Stopping You from Receiving Government Funding

When you are about to start a new business, you are quizzed with a lot of issues chief amongst is money. Every startup requires finance for various purposes like for conducting marketing research, for hiring and training staff, for purchasing land or equipment, for paying for marketing and advertising, etc. And what better way of achieving these funding […]


The Next Phases of NSERC Alliance Grants 2019

NSERC has recently announced that it is accepting applications to the Alliance Grants program specifically for applications requesting $150,000 or more annually from NSERC in Option 1.  Significant dates to remember:  December 2, 2019 – Alliance grants will be open for Option 1 applications requesting over $30,000 annually from NSERC.  December 11, 2019 – Applications requesting between $20,000 […]


How Collaboration in Pharmatech Industries Can Save Lives

The pharmaceutical industry has experienced an abundance of change and adaptation as of late due to recent advancements and technological growth. The capabilities of current healthcare technologies are far more advanced than what they were 5-10 years ago.  That being said, there is still always room for improvement and strategies to mitigate inefficiencies.   As of late, those in the pharmaceutical […]