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4 Canada business grants you should take advantage of!

Did you know Canada has several small business funding options for you? The options come as Canada business grants and loans. Canada business grants are applicable to all types of businesses in the country regardless of industry. The Canadian government has several options for you to find funding for your business. Find the right Canada […]


Our top 2 innovation grants plus tips on how you can apply!

If your business carries research development and innovation projects, you could be missing out on innovation grants. These projects could include innovation efforts with research institutions, colleges or universities, to help develop processes or products as improved products. The Canadian federal government, in partnership with provincial governments, offers a range of innovation grants for businesses. […]


Innovation Superclusters Initiatives to help you with interactive content definition

The government of Canada builds programs based on the innovation ecosystem needs in the country. The Superclusters initiative and supercluster projects annually invest up to $950 million to supportprivate sector business-led innovation superclusters initiative. These innovations have the potential to energize the economies and become engines of growth. The Innovative Solutions Canada  program is an initiative that seeks […]


Research Funding to get you free money for your business!

Does your business conduct any research and development? Could you use research funding for your projects? Have you been looking for research and development grants in Canada? Look no further. Here is a list of our top research and development funding options for Canadian small businesses. Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Are you looking […]


Ways your business can use NRC Grants

The Canadian Government in partnership with the National Research Council has curated the Industrial Research Assistance Program. The NRC Industrial Research Assistance Program provides innovation assistance to small and medium sized businesses. The NRC grants help build a business’ innovation capacity and take ideas their ideas to market. This program helps through financial assistanceas well […]