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Alberta Innovates Voucher Program

Program Overview – Alberta Innovates believes in the benefits of developing and commercializing new technology and knowledge-based products to Alberta’s global competitiveness. – The Alberta Innovates has two voucher programs (Voucher Program and Micro-voucher Program) to support technology development and help small to medium-sized businesses reduce time to market and improve their competitiveness. – These […]


Canadian pharma-tech company receives $400k in grants from IRAP

The National Research Council of Canada (NRC)’s program Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) continues to support Canada’s leading innovative small and medium-sized businesses for over 70 years.  IRAP recently awarded a funding grant of $400,000 to support a drug delivery project by Rapid Dose Therapeutics Corporation (RDT). The Canadian pharma-tech company provides proprietary drug delivery technologies designed to improve patient outcomes.   […]


Advice for Emerging Female Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship continues to be a promising field for Canadian women, and many are starting their own business because of greater autonomy and flexibility. Ideas and plans that are perhaps rejected in corporate environments and by investors in initials stages, entrepreneurship can turn into a reality.  Similar to any bold career decisions, female entrepreneurs share their own set of challenges when creating their own product or service line. Here are some tips you can pick up along your […]


Sign up for One of the Most Generous R&D Cash Refund Program Today  

Running a business with research and developmental focus comes with a great number of expenditures in order to consistently conduct experiments. A stable source of funding allows R&D companies to discover new research methods and advance in experimental results without hesitation and fear of insufficient finances. Fortunately, the Canadian Government recognizes the immense value of R&D businesses in the Canadian innovation industry. […]


Invest in R&D today and redeem your success as a software brand tomorrow

It is no secret that research and development strategies make or break software companies of any size. R&D departments and teams hold the power to determine your brand’s growth and relevancy in the competitive software market space. Your R&D strategies do not only benefit your own company but the software industry as well.    They attract new talent pools, introduce new and efficient product/service development strategies into the market, and solve emerging problems while asking contemporary questions. Software innovation allows knowledge combined with […]